Thursday, January 26, 2012

TIDE’s 1st Annual Online Creating Change [for transsexual & intersex education] Conference

TIDE’s 1st Annual Online Creating Change [for transsexual & intersex education] Conference

Transsexual & Intersex Department of Education (TIDE) launches their first annual Online Creating Change Conference (OCCC) dedicated to educating about transsexual and intersex (TS/IS) issues. This project will use YouTube videos and the blogosphere as a way to combat miseducation and misrepresntation of transsexual and intersex issues. 
The OCCC Project is especially aimed at transsexual and intersex advocates reaching out to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (gender queer/variant, cross dressing/transvestite and drag queen/king) communities. Many LGBT non-profits misrepresent people with transsexualism and/or who are intersex. The misgendering and colonization of transsexual and intersex issues by homosexual groups is very problematic to the unique goals and medical rights of transsexual and intersex people.
The OCCC Project is not the the same as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) Annual Creating Change Conference, yet TIDE's Online Creating Change Conference will address some of the miseducation and topics being propogated about TS & IS individuals at the NGLTF conference, which is currently being held in Baltimore, Maryland. 

This OCCC Project is an opportunity for transsexual, intersex and allied individuals to comment on the issues expressed in the NGLTF's workshops (as well as by the LGB and transgender umbrella-ism ideology theorists at large) without physically attending. This will be done through YouTube videos and blog entries which will be posted on OCCC’s sites.
Due to the economic challenges many TS/IS people face due to discrimination and their unemployment epidemic that plagues their communities', and because many people with transsexualism feel hopeless that the gay and lesbian establishment will ever treat their issues with sensitivity and accuracy, rarely any representation of these communities’ are included at the NGLTF conference. What happens as a result is misrepresentation and ‘queer-washing’ of these communities’ narratives, which gravely adds to the public’s misunderstanding of these marginalized communities.
OCCC is our chance to have a seat at the table that we are constantly not invited to, and when we are "invited", are censored and bullied.
To upload a video to OCCC’s YouTube Channel or to have your testimony or article posted on OCCC’s blog, email
Videos and blog should comment on the subjects of the workshops and sessions at NLGTF’s conference, or about your thoughts concerning transsexual and intersex issues.  The NLGTF conference lasts until Sunday. To view the subjects of sessions and institutes:

The OCCC will be ongoing even after the NGLTF conference.

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  1. just watched your video and you are sooooooo right. I am sick and tired of these transgender militant activists who are just playing dress up and demanding FEMALE privilege at our expense. I think I covered it pretty thoroughly with that one sentence.